We are proud to introduce My Partner Advisor,
also known as MPA internationally.


About MPA

MPA began in 2010 from a team of experienced traders who got together to share their common interest and passion in the Forex Industry. From exchanging insights and knowledge about Online Forex Trading in cafes and diners, today, MPA has grown into a reputable community that consists of elite group of traders and fund managers globally.


Expert Accelerator

MPA Automated Smart Trader is the result of years of research into automated trading of the Forex Market. MPA Automated Smart Trader uses a new approach to automatic trading that offers many different approaches to the Forex market.

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Our Expert Seminar

Today’s economy, people have learned to understand the power of multiplication or leveraging on external sources to gain economic advantages. The correlation of efforts vs. desired results has risen to a new paradigm shift without blind work.

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FX Kingdom

Forex Kingdom or FX Kingdom is a first of its kind Forex Trading competition linked with today’s most popular Social Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. MPA will give out prizes to the top performers after the end of the competition based on some criterions set out using a points system. Competitors can also sync their trading with their Social Network platforms to their friends so that they can show and compete with each other as well in their own competitions if they decide to do so.